Texas FBC   is an international company that provides consulting services to entrepreneurs with the purpose of investing and expanding their products or services in the United States.

Our function is to offer personalized advice and provide the necessary resources that your organization requires, for the creation and success of new businesses; practicing the best techniques and using technology to reach your goals.

We understand your needs in the creation of businesses, we are specialists in the area, we are located in an exclusive corporate area in San Antonio Texas and we assist in a wide radio in different cities such as  Austin, Houston, McAllen and Dallas  among others.

We have a long history with more than 10 years of experience in business development and international franchise sales. We have supported more than 50 companies to settle in the United States.

Our services consist of analyzing, planning, and executing strategies that favor interests and maximize your return on investment.

Whether creating a new business, buying a franchise or expanding your business in the United States. Texas FBC offers you the opportunity to advise and carry out the best practices in the planning, operation and creation of businesses, all in a personalized way for the different profiles and needs of our clients.


  • Sale of Franchises
  • Creation of a New Business
  • Expansion of your Business to EU
  • Investment in Real Estate
  • Incorporation of the Company in the United States
  • Your New Life in the US
  • Investment Opportunities in the LP Gas and Oil Industry