Everything is ready for private companies (national or foreign) to invest in Mexico in the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons such as Gas, Oil and its derivatives.

In Mexico, LP Gas is a widely used fuel for industry, agriculture, the residential sector and vehicular carburization.

According to the Secretary of Energy, 5 out of every 7 Mexican households consume LPG and from 2017 onwards, there will be a free price that will be governed by supply and demand. In addition, the owner of SENER (Pedro Joaquin Coldwell), said that “another of the benefits of the Energy Reform, is that as of 2016 LP Gas imports can be made by any person or company that meet the requirements established in the normativity. “

Additionally, the new legislation establishes that Mexican companies will be allowed to associate with other global companies, which will allow a better operation and better assimilation of state-of-the-art technology.

Texas FBC   has extensive experience in the international business area, which allows us to offer you the guarantee that this can be an excellent sector to make investments. We have a team of expert consultants in the energy sector who will accompany you throughout the entire planning, development and start-up process of your business.

Whether in the industrial, residential or carburizing areas we can support you in developing, from the beginning, a project that allows you to commercialize LP Gas to bring you benefits, since we have a whole development structure that allows the procedures before Authorities and relations with suppliers are carried out correctly, which guarantees great savings in time and money.

Also if you are interested in investing in the state of Texas, the North American Free Trade Agreement opens the doors for this to be possible. LP Gas in the United States is mainly used for industrial (petrochemical), residential, commercial use, and in the transport sector, it is the widest alternative for the use of fuels, which makes it a product with many marketing possibilities.