Texas FBC is an international business consulting and franchising firm that provides consulting services to entrepreneurs who have interest in investing and expanding their products, services or establishing a new entity in the United States.

Our role is to provide personalized guidance and provide the necessary resources required by your organization for the creation and success of new businesses or franchise. We do this through providing excellent and accurate information based on our client’s location, demographic statistics, investment amount, etc.

We understand and provide all the steps to creating businesses or franchises in a particular industry in which it falls under. We are specialists in this area and our location is in an exclusive area in San Antonio, Texas. It is located in the middle of a high corporate traffic area and the perfect to assist any company in settling in a wide radius of different cities such as Austin, Houston, McAllen and Dallas among others.

We are supported by a long history with over 10 years of experience in business development and initialization of franchises in the U.S and internationally as well. In fact, we have supported over 50 companies to settle in the United States.

Our services are to analyze, plan, and implement strategies to promote the best interests for our clients and their company and maximize their return on investment.

Whether creating a new business, buying a franchise or expanding a business in the United States, Texas FBC offers the best guidance and support which maximizes the opportunity to have a successful company as well as providing the best initialization strategies in planning, operating and business creation. All of these which we have already personalized for different profiles and needs of our customers depending on the client as well as their company, service, product and franchise they plan to establish.


  • Franchise Selling or Purchasing Guidance
  • Creating a New Business
  • Expanding Your Business to the US
  • Investment in Real Estate
  • Support for the Processing of Work and Investor Visas
  • Incorporation of the Company in the United States
  • Investment Opportunities in LP Gas Industry and Petroleum



Prior to being a project specialist for Texas Franchise, Peyton Hall worked in communications in the construction and installation of emergency back-up systems for cell phone towers. He then held the position of general manager of a few apartment complexes in Texas and Arizona.

He has 30 years’ experience in this field. Presently Peyton holds the responsibility of special projects such as troubleshooting all present ventures the company is working on as well as in charge of accommodating prospects in any way he can such as finding residence, schools, and other every day obstacles.


Prior to being a franchise specialist, Mr. Angel Martinez studied at the Northwest Vista College where he received his Associates Degree in Arts. He then began working for Texas Franchise where he specialized in market analyzing.

His job was to study information to help our clients make informed decisions about their market they are attempting to enter.

He would specialize in analyzing industries using many tactics such as studying age, race, income, and population demographics etc. Presently he has moved up to Franchise Specialist where his responsibilities are to specialize in business expansion strategies and explore market development and business opportunities for prospects and clients.

Associate Director

Our Associate Director has worked for over 10 years in the LP Gas industry, working with companies to develop new projects such as floor planning, development and implementation of new plants, storage of material, and workstations carburetion.

His extensive experience has allowed him to create a network of contacts within the industry throughout the years and he has recently focused on the planning and development of new investment projects both in the gas industry and the private sector as well.

For the development of new investment projects in the growing industry of the Gas and Oil sector, Rodrigo Castillo has explored the possibility of expanding into the State of Texas being that it provides great opportunity for the creation of new businesses and are abundant in this industry opening the doors for expansion and opportunity to find possible players for the industry.


Noel Olguin is the founder of the firm Texas FBC, a company dedicated to supporting foreign companies expand their market in the United States as well as franchising companies in both Mexico and United States markets.

Before founding Texas FBC, Noel was the Director of Foreign Investment Attraction for the Free Trade Alliance Organization in San Antonio, Texas. This company is dedicated to the promotion and attraction of people and businesses to attract to San Antonio, Texas as an international center of trade, commerce and industry. Within this organization, Mr. Olguin was also in charge of the position of the business accelerator at the International Business Development Center for more than four years.

In his experience, Noel has also worked with the City Council of the City of San Antonio, Texas, and the Department of Commerce of the United States in the area of assistance to importers and exporter alike. Noel Olguin has extensive experience in international trade and currently advises companies ranging from as little as 10 employees to large corporations with over 3,000 employees. Noel earned a double major in International Trade and Finance from the University of Texas at San Antonio.